Outplacement Services for Individuals

We truly understand how stressful a change in your employment circumstances
can be and the impact that this can have on your life and personal welfare.

By applying some of the skills you will learn from our outplacement service, across the varying modules,
you will not only feel more confident and focussed in your search but you will improve your success rate at ALL stages of job hunt process.
We like to call it an investment into yourself.

Career Coaching

We are experts surrounding “the job search” and provide career coaching tools to enable employees or ex-employees to proactively search for their next career opportunity, or whatever the next stage in their career is – be it retirement, a sabbatical, retraining, benefits (or other) we have the knowledge to empower people to make the transition.

Our Outplacement model is built upon multiple modules. Each one is made to make our audience feel more confident and focused in their career search and will improve their success rate at ALL stages of their next career step.

Career Coaching

Our outplacement service will support you in many ways:

Personal brand

Who you are and how you
present yourself dictates the
outcome. We will work with you to develop your own
unique brand
to set you apart from the crowd.


We all have expectations of
what we would like to do but sometimes these don’t match up with reality. We will work with you to establish what is realistically achievable and will make you happy.


We help you build self-esteem during this difficult time – our team of coaches will work on how you feel and will supercharge you ahead of any meetings.

Targeted Search

We will work with you to establish that the audience you approach will be responsive and interested in what you have to say.

The Internet

Most employers do
background checks – we will work together to make Facebook, LinkedIn and the many other websites proudly fly your flag and also turbo boost the HR’s opinion of you.

Curriculum Vitae

Your most important
marketing tool – working with some of the most experienced recruitment professionals in the market we will help you develop the best CV possible. We will also provide bespoke CVs.


 The job market these days is much more complex then simply pinging your CV across to an inbox – learn some networking strategies from the best.

Body Language

Your body language is a
reflection of how you feel inside but also a tool to lever the best outcome from meetings – learn some tools of the trade.

Interview Preparation

Be better prepared than your competition with some little tweaks in your preparation – our interview counsellors will make sure that you perform at your best.


Ever been low-balled on a
salary – we will teach how to get the best possible package by applying proven techniques in a subtle ‘non-grabby’ way.

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Always Forward Outplacement Support helps organisations and their employees through the complexities and emotional needs of the redundancy process including providing information on redundancy rights for the benefit of the employees and to avoid costly legal battles for the past employers.

Redundancy Rights
Redundancy Process
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Redundancy Consultation
What is Redundancy
Voluntary Redundancy
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Dealing with Redundancy

Careers Service

Always Forward Outplacement Support provides advice in our careers Service Section to help you find your next career.

Careers Service