Corporate Outplacement Services

Corporate Outplacement services are often overlooked by employers looking to reorganise their headcount. There is a real tangible value in partnering with such service providers during a period of redundancies for numerous reasons.

Our Corporate Outplacement service will support you in many ways:

Staff Retention

Outplacement ironically is good for staff retention. During any period of perceived instability (including redundancy) it is common for staff who have lost friends to consider making a career change too. If the perception is that you have looked after their friends and the redundancies were handled compassionately you are more likely to hold on to the key remaining staff.

Time Saved

Our outplacement service will free up your human resources team’s time allowing you to focus on your important day-to-day tasks. Outplacement is time intensive and often a labour intensive exercise when facilitated internally. Our corporate outplacement acts as an extension of your internal resource and offers your HR the valuable support they need through this transitional period.

Reduced conflict

We all hear about legal conflicts or simply just conflicts as a result of redundancy programmes. Outplacement makes people feel supported and often this is enough to prevent often costly disputes escalating.



Let’s not forget the human cost of downsizing. People do matter after all. Providing genuine help to people who are facing a stressful period in the most competitive market in years is a positive thing and sends out a loud message to all staff, that you do care.

Multi-Disciplined Corporate Outplacement 

Each outplacement project is different and is largely driven by the subtle changes which occur between one sector and another. Our ability to navigate between a diverse range of sectors is largely driven by our deep knowledge and understanding of the recruitment market and the strategies that need to be adopted in order to find employment. This to one side we also have experts who can advise on what the latest benefits are, what options are available after redundancy and how to apply. Our knowledge covers all walks of life and our advice also extends to those looking to retirement.

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